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Build Your Photography Business



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Build Your Photography Business

Are you a professional photographer looking to better position yourself uniquely in the marketplace to get more high-quality clients? Do high paying jobs seem a struggle to find? You’re realizing that you need to take a more proactive approach to building a sustainable photography business that adapts to market shifts and client trends.

But you aren’t clear how to reach your goals - or if your goals are aligned with your true market potential.

If any or all of these questions sound familiar, let’s talk!

I will guide you through a process tailored to your unique interests, abilities, and market opportunities to clarify your unique visual message. When your visual message is working your target audience will engage because they understand what you offer and why it’s of value. They will immediately “see” your brand narrative, be captivated by it and want to know more.


If You Are,

  • An established photographer who is looking to grow in the marketplace you are working in

  • Trying to position yourself as the best choice for your clients

  • Frequently out bid by lower priced photographers

  • Struggling to create or edit the images you need to effectively connect your message with the audience you are trying to engage

  • Having trouble understanding your sunk costs and the different market opportunities available to you

  • Unsure how to use your website as marketing tool rather than simply a collection of images and information about yourself


“That’s me!”


What you need most right now is,

  • To increase your demand in your market

  • To identify your alignment with your key revenue streams with the highest roi that can make your career profitable and fulfilling

  • A process to build your business and brand around your ideal revenue streams

  • A visual brand narrative that immediately resonates with your ideal client

  • A website that is not simply a portfolio, but a marketing tool that engages potential clients

  • Where to focus and plan an efficient process to get the results you want and spend more time doing what you love


Your struggles tend to be,

  • Your website is a retrospective exhibition rather than the marketing tool it should be so clients quickly understand they need you

  • You are an established photographer who is competing on price, frequently out-bid by lower priced photographers

  • You position yourself as a generalist, when your high-end target clients are looking for a specialist

  • You are unsure how to talk about your work and expertise within the context of a website today

  • Your business model isn’t staying relevant and clear about where to focus your efforts? For example, stock offerings are your competition

  • You have trouble understanding the different market opportunities available to you and messaging what you offer in competitive markets


This is how we get there,

  • A program tailored to your unique needs

  • 10 personal 1-hour live video sessions over 5 months

  • An initial deep dive assessment of your website

  • Meetings with video and screenshare are recorded and become reference material

  • Meeting Recap Notes