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Hi, I’m Cameron.

I’m a visual branding consultant for businesses and a business coach for photographers dedicated to helping people build rewarding and profitable businesses.

With 15+ years of experience working with photographers and the brands who hire them in a range of markets, I understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented to both sides and what your target market needs to see from you to become your next client.

However, it took me time and experience to hone this work into the business it is today.

When I moved from Gambier, Ohio to Boulder, Colorado with a history degree and experience editing every school publication up to this point in my life, I landed a job editing a new website of SKI and SKIING magazines. The job was a dream, but I often woke up wanting to dive further into visual media than mountain lifestyle media allowed. What mattered to me most was working with the professional creative people who inspired me to learn more about their crafts.

So I took a chance to dive deeper into visual media and moved to Santa Barbara, CA to study commercial photography with the legendary teachers at Brooks Institute. This experience guided and aligned my interests and is a cornerstone of the perspective I bring to my client’s needs.

A few months before my graduation in 2003 Richard Avedon’s studio selected me for an internship. Near the internship’s end Avedon asked me at a staff lunch to work with him full time on his advertising, editorial, book, and fine art projects. A year later Avedon died and through a fortunate connection his colleague Hiro brought me on to his team.

In the following years my role with Hiro’s client work expanded to all areas of the creative process for advertising, editorial, and art projects. During this time I got to work with other legendary visual people in their own unique marketplaces such as Antoine Verglas, Heinz Kluetmeier, Ellen Graham, Sandbox Studio, and The Richard Avedon Foundation.In early 2016 opportunity knocked again and I took a contract position to use my visual and operational expertise as one of the founding image curators for Adobe's launch into the premium royalty-free image market. In this role I experienced how stock photography is used by brands and how photographers can both benefit and be outmatched by market forces.

After my contract ended I was out on the street with another vantage point of both the buyer and creator sides of images. It was then that all of my unique and deep experiences, when connected, became useful and applicable to both brands who need images and the people who make them.

Photographers and brands began to approach me to help them with their market positioning. Then Wonderful Machine asked me to work with their network of photographers.

And so I connected the dots. I saw how I was uniquely equipped to help people find, make, choose, and use images to tell their story and connect effectively with their ideal market.

I enlisted the guidance of a business coach who helped me structure actionable steps for my clients that help image buyers and creators identify and connect with their intended audience.  

Photographers are challenged by knowing their work too intimately and their ideal markets too vaguely. Brand stakeholders have trouble knowing how to find, make, and use images that effectively connect with their target audience.

If you’re ready to position your brand more effectively to the market you want, I’d love to speak with you. Click here to schedule a 30-minute introductory call to share your business challenges, ask questions, and talk about solutions.