Photographs encapsulate information, value, and values,

they guide our focus, and they inspire our actions.

The central challenge and opportunity of imagery is that it has the immense power to connect and inspire people to think and to take action. Imagery can make a powerful statement when used and made properly. Understanding what images you need to use to do this with is the underlying challenge.

You need to show your audience you understand the transformation they want. This is done by how they “see” and experience you. The Images you use play a vital role in this customer experience.

But, unless you are clear about who your customer is, what their aspirations are, what transformation you offer them, and how they can work with you, your images won’t align with your intended message, connect with your ideal audience, and perform as you intend.

Are you showing your audience what the steps are to do business with you? Can they know, like, and trust you to deliver based on these? Are they inspired to learn more about what you offer?

How you use images is not about what you like, it’s about knowing what your audience wants and needs to feel, think, and act. The purpose is not to manipulate, that would be universally unproductive and unethical. The purpose is to educate your audience so that they can make the best choice for them while at the same time provide you with leads that are a good fit for the transformation you offer.

When you connect this way potential customers will engage with you and help sustain the business that serves them best.

Photographers often don’t have the subjectivity and marketplace perspective to use their website effectively, and business often don’t understand what images will make an authentic narrative that builds their brand community.

I will help you get clear on who your customers are, what your ideal market is looking for that you can offer, and how to best stand out with a visual narrative that will not bore or confuse, but will inspire them to see your offer is right for them.

My ability to help you with the why and the how draws from my years of experience working with both brands and photographers. I focus all of my experienced understanding of visuals with my trained understanding of how to connect with your ideal audience.