Visual Identity & Strategy for Organizations

A clear visual identity and strategy will grow your business and enhance your audience’s experience.

If you,

  1. Struggle to find the images you need to effectively connect your message with the audience you are trying to engage

  2. Are unclear which images support your brand message -and which images weaken it

  3. Wonder how people find amazing on trend images

  4. Are unsure how to use your website and social accounts as marketing tools rather than simply a collection of images and information about yourself

  5. Need help knowing how to hire the right photographer to make the images you need on budget

  6. Need to visually communicate to your clients or customers that the emotional destination your product, services, and people offers is about satisfaction and empathy.

What you need most right now is,

  1. To know why and where to use images on your site and social media

  2. How to find and license images on stock sites

  3. How to know if a photographer is the right choice to make your visual message

Your struggles tend to be,

  1. You don't have a clear understanding of how images communicate.

  2. You don’t know how to manage digital image files to get accurate image quality, fast load times, and efficient storage use.

  3. You know you have too few or too many images on your website and you don’t know what images to use.

  4. Do you know how to talk about your work and expertise with images in the context of a website today?

This is how we get there,

  1. A program tailored to your unique needs

  2. Personal live video sessions with screen share

  3. A deep dive assessment of your website, social sites, and marketing materials

  4. Onsite meetings if needed

  5. Meeting recap notes and session recordings

  6. A visual style guide and technical best practices