Happy Clients and Colleagues

My process is all about you - your audience, your challenges, your opportunities.

These are a few comments from people I have had the honor to work with.

Kortney Gloska, Photography Business, 2019

In two 30 minute meetings Cameron worked with me to quickly identify areas of improvement in both my website and social media strategy. He provided me with helpful feedback that will help me grow my ideal business moving forward. 


Christopher Beauchamp, Photography Business, 2018

For me the most important part of the process of working with Cameron was that he was very quickly able to evaluate, understand and discuss the specifics of my photography and how it related to current photography markets.

He wasn’t blowing any smoke, he just had honest and informed insights that allowed us to very quickly get on the same page and outline a course of action. In my case it was a somewhat subtle but very real and important shift in my focus and restructuring of how I present my work on my website which like most photographers serves as the centerpiece of my marketing.

I found working with Cameron to be a very collaborative process and ultimately I am very excited by the final results. It’s probably a bit premature to measure the success but the preliminary feedback from colleagues and existing clients is that it is a sizable step forward.


Benjamin Sisco, Photography Business, 2018

Working with Cameron over 8-months of coaching via computer meetings was a pleasure. I felt comfortable from the start discussing every detail of my photography process with him.

Before working together, I had a small set of unrelated images, mostly on black backgrounds, presented in an unwelcoming dark website. Cameron helped me transform my website into a targeted set of images with market driven subjects that I enjoy lighting and photographing. This resulted in a focused approach that combined my interests, skills and market opportunities.

Our meetings began with a critique of my new work where I received immediate feedback on what worked, what didn't and why. His perspectives consistently covered my brand positioning, market relevance and technique. Most important were the whys of these reviews - are my shadows dark for creative purposes or should they be lifted to be more commercial? Are the images telling a client’s brand story? Can elements be added for more narrative impact?

Next, we would look at developments on the business side. How could I best develop a plan to work with specific clients? Are relevant test images needed? What is the best approach to find and contact a company’s decision makers?

I am passionate about photography and I am now in a much better position to make it my full time business. A few key people’s support helped make this possible and Cameron was one.


Kathryn Mayo, Professor of Photography, Cosumnes River College, 2018

The Cosumnes River College's video chat with Cameron Sterling was an incredible experience! Cameron's approachability and accessible demeanor with my students was greatly appreciated by all participants in my Careers in Photography class. 

He was extremely patient and answered each student's questions with thoughtful and thorough answers that spoke to his invaluable experience and knowledge of industry practices. He was also very open with recommending helpful industry resources. My students felt empowered and enlightened after the video chat session, and often refer to his advice in class discussions, group brainstorming and individual problem solving.  


Richard Singh, Styling, Photography, Creative Direction, 2018

I first met Cameron when he began working with Hiro in 2004 after his tenure with Richard Avedon. During the past 14 years we have worked together on a continuing series of iconic advertising images for Elsa Peretti / Tiffany & Co., and on editorials for the American edition of Harpers’ Bazaar. Cameron’s contributions however, extend far beyond these projects. 

I have always been impressed by his positive attitude, and having seen first-hand the high quality of his work and his dedication to those he works with, it’s easy to understand how he came to play such a vital role with one of the most important photographers of our time.

Adobe Stock, 2017


Pete Mullen, Adobe Stock, Director of Digital Supply Chain Operations, 2017

In his 18 months with us at Adobe Stock, Cameron brought great enthusiasm, work ethic, collaborative spirit and can-do attitude to a wide array of duties assigned to him.

Working with us during an intense, start-up period, Cameron made material curatorial contributions to the launch and growth of our Premium Collection and also volunteered to manage a host of operational assignments across content ingest, data management and reporting disciplines.

Cameron’s “do whatever it takes” approach and overall positivity were greatly appreciated across our team and brought measurable value to our operation as it got off the ground. Thanks, Cameron!


Candace Feit, Adobe Stock, Photographer & Curator, 2017

I had the pleasure of working alongside Cameron for over a year as curators at Adobe Stock. He’s a great colleague and a pleasure to work with. Especially knowledgeable on technique and workflow - pleasant, cordial and a great person to be on a team with.


James Martin, Richard Avedon Foundation, Executive Director, 2016

Cameron Sterling joined The Richard Avedon Foundation in a freelance capacity during an important moment of our iPad App development in 2014-2015. Having worked for Richard Avedon and Hiro, Cameron needed no introduction to us. He quickly integrated with our team who operate at the highest standards that Avedon required of the people he engaged with.

Cameron generously shared his personal knowledge of Richard Avedon's visual intent coupled with his ability to steer digital production to produce accurate re-uses of Avedon's images. Following the successful launch of the Foundation's groundbreaking App, Cameron significantly contributed to the Foundation’s milestone book projects, Dior by Avedon and Avedon/Warhol, in addition to numerous licensing projects.

Richard Avedon would be happy with Cameron's contributions to his foundation's projects.


Hiro, Photographer, 2007

When Cameron stops smiling then I know we’re in trouble.


Peita Carnevale, Hiro Studio, Studio Manager, 2005

Cameron Sterling began working here as a full time photography assistant at Hiro Studio in early December 2004. He came to us highly recommended from his previous position at Richard Avedon Studio.

In the short time that Cameron has been with us he has adjusted well to his new environment, carrying out his responsibilities easily and is clearly a welcome addition to this studio.

In the field of photography, it is unusual for someone to have the opportunity to work for two masters such as Avedon and Hiro. The fact that Cameron has managed both should be quite telling to you. he is clever, competent, charming, well-mannered and I am extraordinary pleased to have Cameron as part of our busy and exacting team.
I look forward to his continued contributions to the studio.


Norma Stevens, Richard Avedon Studio, Director, 2004

Cameron Sterling worked at The Richard Avedon Studio from November 2003 to October 2004. After an impressive internship, we engaged him as a Staff Photography Assitant. He became a valuable member of our studio team.

Cameron was involved in all aspects of the studio’s working environment. He consistently demonstrated a professional and enthusiastic demeanor with our staff and clients. I believe he will enjoy a most successful future in the field of photography.

Richard Avedon_ref_c.jpg

Richard Avedon, Photographer, 2004

Dear Dean Litschel,

The following is a request that Cameron Sterling be allowed to continue his off-campus study as a full time intern with my studio for his remaining two sessions at Brooks Institute with the intent to make him a full-time assistant upon his graduation.

We believe that Cameron will continue to gain invaluable experience from hands-on assisting responsibilities on my weekly editorial assignments for The New Yorker, advertising campaigns, as well as maintaining archives, assisting with book projects, exhibitions, and the daily duties of a large studio that handles all stages of the photographic process.

We hope that you will allow Cameron to take advantage of this opportunity at no loss to his Brooks requirements by recognizing the educational merits of this experience.

Daymion Mardel_ref_c.jpg

Daymion Mardel, Richard Avedon Studio, Studio Manager, 2003

Cameron has contributed to the efforts of a variety of assignments, from maintaining the daily duties of a large studio to assisting on several photography sittings. Cameron has also succeeded in maximizing the opportunity to learn from our fast paced and diverse environment, as well as campaigns and weekly editorial assignments for The New Yorker.

Besides the work at the studio, he helped to maintain and organize Mr. Avedon’s archives and has also participated in making professional layouts that run in the weekly magazine The New Yorker. He approaches every assignment with diligence and attention to detail.

With his intelligence and enthusiasm Cameron has succeeded at the Richard Avedon Studio.