Image & Content Strategy

For Your Ideal Audience


Your business has a unique identity, audience, and customer experience. I will help you clearly show your ideal audience who you are, what you do, why it matters, and how to take action.


Hi, I'm Cameron.

I am a brand consultant who specializes in the image and content strategy your audience needs.

I help photographers and organizations clarify their image and content strategy so their ideal audience connects and business grows. If you struggle showing what you do, who for, and why it matters, I can help you.

Through a series of clear steps we develop the image and content strategy your brand needs to connect with your ideal market and gain clarity and efficiency with your marketing efforts.

With 15+ years of experience working with photographers and the businesses who hire them in a range of markets, I understand the unique challenges and opportunities you have and what your target market needs to see from you to take the next step you lead and they need.

If you are ready to position your brand experience more effectively, I can help. Schedule a free 30-minute introductory call to share your challenges, ask questions, and talk about solutions.

What People Say


“For me the most important part of the process of working with Cameron was that he was very quickly able to evaluate, understand and discuss the specifics of my photography and how it related to current photography markets.

He wasn’t blowing any smoke, he just had honest and informed insights that allowed us to very quickly get on the same page and outline a course of action. In my case it was a somewhat subtle but very real and important shift in my focus and restructuring of how I present my work on my website which like most photographers serves as the centerpiece of my marketing.

I found working with Cameron to be a very collaborative process and ultimately I am very excited by the final results. It’s probably a bit premature to measure the success but the preliminary feedback from colleagues and existing clients is that it is a sizable step forward.”

-Christopher Beauchamp, Photographer/Cinematographer 2018


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