New York, 2017 -- Image and content marketplace professional with 13 years of experience in visual narratives, image production, and image markets.

I’m a founding image curator for Adobe's initial venture into the premium royalty free image content marketplace, tasked with aligning contributor images with the Adobe Premium brand and the global marketplace for buyers’ needs. 

This role draws on my visual experience achieving the advertising, editorial, and art goals of photographer Hiro for clients Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co., Harper's Bazaar, and the MFA Boston. Professional experiences with The Richard Avedon Foundation, Richard Avedon, Ellen Graham, Antoine Verglas, and Sandbox Studio also shape my perspectives.

I earned a BA magna cum laude in commercial photography from Brooks Institute and a BA in history from Kenyon College.

The links below go to projects I have worked on in collaboration with the primary stakeholders to achieve curation goals. These include historical and modern photographs presented in physical and online marketplaces. The "Services Portfolio" on this site show additional examples of work I've completed with clients.