New York, 2017 - photography, images, content, and visual stories

I work with the Adobe image curation team that launched Adobe Stock Premium in June 2016 to offer premium community supplied image content that contributes to a purchase conversion funnel for ROI goals. I also work with photographer Hiro and his clients to accomplish curation, licensing, and creative content goals for fine art, advertising, and editorial projects.

I help people with image based creative content opportunities and partnerships that enable and drive revenue growth. I am experienced working in start-up environments that aim to scale and with teams that move fluidly from project to project.

My passion for helping people manifest the value of images drives me to work with great people, projects, and images. I have performed key roles in projects of image curation for royalty free markets, rights managed licensing, museum and gallery exhibitions, fine art printmaking, books, studio photography, post production management, and archive management.

I achieve objectives by working with experienced visual and operational skills that work fluidly around process points. In tandem I work with content management systems to make production processes efficient and forward thinking.

The links bellow go to projects I have worked in collaboration with the primary stakeholders to achieve curation goals. These include historical and modern photographs presented in physical and online marketplaces. The "Services Portfolio" on this site shows additional examples of work I've completed with clients.