Visuals Strategist​ for Businesses​ & Business Coach for Photographers​

In Brief



Hi, I’m Cameron.

I’m a visuals strategist for businesses and a business coach for photographers.

I work with photographers and entrepreneurial brands to enable them with the tools and mindset they need to connect with their target client or customer.

With 15+ years of experience working with photographers and the brands who hire them in a range of markets, I understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented to both sides and what your target market needs to see from you to become your next client.

If You Are,

  • Looking to grow in the marketplace you are in

  • Unclear what images you need to show why you are the best choice in your market

  • Struggling to find the right photographer or to source the images you need to effectively connect your message with the audience you are trying to engage

  • Frequently competing on price and not on value

  • Confused about where to focus your efforts because you have trouble understanding your sunk costs and the different market opportunities available to you

  • Unsure how to use your website and social accounts as effective marketing tools rather than simply a collection of images and information about yourself

Through a series of clear steps, I will help you develop the visual messaging strategy and tools you need to connect with your ideal market and gain clarity and efficiency with your marketing efforts.

If you’re ready to position your brand more effectively to the market you want, I’d love to speak with you. Schedule a free 30-minute introductory call to share your challenges, ask questions and talk about solutions.